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Submitting Requests  
The Foundation is now accepting grants online. We encourage you to use this online application system.
  1. Application Cycles

    Applications Due by: Applications Reviewed by:
    Cycle 1 (includes capital) January 15th May 31st
    Cycle 2 May 15th September 30th
    Cycle 3 September 15th December 31st

    • Requests for capital projects will only be considered in the January 15th grant cycle.
    • If the due date falls on a holiday the Foundation will accept your application the following business day.

  2. Click the following link to submit your application on-line.

  3. You will need the following information and/or attachments for an application:
    • Organization Information
            Legal Name
            Organization Contacts
            Tax ID #
            Phone Number
            Mission Statement
            Organization Background/History
    • Project Information
    • Attachments Needed
            Project Budget
            Organization Budget
            Financial Statements - Current Audited
            Form 990 - Last Filed
            IRS Determination Letter (if new grant applicant)

  4. The Foundation will not accept applications for additional support for the period in which an organization currently has a grant in effect (12 months from when grant was given).

  5. The Foundation will not reconsider a capital project on which it has already made a decision.